Experiencing Wars of the World

14 Jul 2014

What better way is there to learn about history other than blowing stuff up? We all love a good explosion, and they’re even more gratifying when you get to cause the mushroom cloud yourself.... Read More

A Perfect Career for Constant Travel

29 Sep 2013

In a blog entitled “Mostly Harmless”, Alex Maccaw describes his adventures traveling around the world. By the time you've saved up a sufficient amount of money, you might not have had time to think about... Read More

2013 Looking to set a record for US citizenship renouncements

10 Sep 2013

The Wall Street Journal reports that more US citizens than ever are severing ties with their home country due to onerous asset rules. As local banks refuse to do business with American clients due to... Read More

A Prague-matic Destination

8 Sep 2013

Hop in a time machine and get in touch with ancient history in this epic city that survived the mass bombing of World War II with just a few tiny scratches. More than 800 years of the past seems to hover... Read More

Redditor rescued by Chinese Army in the Gobi desert

5 Sep 2013

It's happened to us all, we're traveling illegally across a militarized section of the Gobi desert on motorbike enjoying the scenery, when your fellow companion loses control of his bike and breaks his... Read More

Get Airsick in Style

2 Sep 2013

As far as most people are concerned, the term “barf bag” doesn't really bring any happy memories along with it. Luckily many individuals never have to even ask for one, but the Daily Traveler reveals... Read More

Guide to tipping in 61 Countries

31 Aug 2013

Leave it to folks at FlyersTalk to compile and keep up to date one of the most comprehensive lists on tipping around the world.But an article about tipping wouldn't be complete without mentioning last... Read More

Flipping Standards and Sleeping Chic

28 Aug 2013

Ever had the urge to sleep in your favorite pair of jeans because they’re just that comfortable? Well push away that urge and book a stay at the Levi’s themed 24 Hours hotel in Frankfurt instead, and... Read More

More Than Foie Gras?

25 Aug 2013

Gascony isn't a name that rings a bell for many people, but lately it's been growing popular for the Conde Nast Travelers who have declared it “France's New Foodie Destination”. For years, Gascony has... Read More

Round the World Tickets?

22 Aug 2013

Even with its headaches, flying is by far the most convenient way to travel when you're planning a trip around the world like programmer Alex Maccaw, who managed to get it done in one year. If you're... Read More

A Ride of a Lifetime, Anytime

19 Aug 2013

Four Jandals adventurers Cole and Adela travel to the tides of Samoa for an experience of a lifetime, surfing the magnificent waves the area is famous for.... Read More

The Woes of the Carry-on Bag

16 Aug 2013

The forums of flyertalk are abuzz with a question that's plagued travelers ever since they begin limiting what you're allowed to bring onto a plane. What's the lightest carry-on? While some airlines badger... Read More

Balmy Baltic Beaches

11 Aug 2013

Basking in hidden splendor, twenty miles of resplendent beaches stretch along the Baltic coast from Lithuania to Estonia. But wait you say, isn’t the Baltic cold and forbidding and choppy? Not according... Read More

Bandits and Cheap Electronics on the Silk Road

7 Aug 2013

The New York Times has an amazing article and photo gallery that explores the latest use of the centuries old Silk Road, shipping consumer electronics from China to Europe via train.But don't be jealous,... Read More

Droning on About the Favelas of Rio

4 Aug 2013

There's an amazing team out of the UK, Team Blacksheep, that travel around the world flying drones over our favorite cites. The result is stunning footage that's mesmerizing to watch.If you're not familiar,... Read More

Why pay more? Culture's free!

1 Aug 2013

There's always been a wide-spread thought that running off to Europe and immersing yourself deeply within the culture is bound to be expensive and time-consuming. Frugal Traveler gathers up their coin... Read More

Forget Snowboarding, Try Nicaraguan Volcano Boarding!

29 Jul 2013

So let’s face it, you’ve done everything. Skiing, hiking, snowboarding, white water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving... what else is there? Well, pack up your bags and travel to Nicaragua, because we... Read More

Iran Dissapears From Online Flight Bookers

26 Jul 2013

If Iran was on your fall list of places to visit, then you'll have to book your fight outside the US. According to travel insider Airliners.net, the US Treasury Under Secretary, David Cohen, is most likely... Read More

Uh, Does My Insurance Cover This?

26 Jul 2013

You find advice about what to do while traveling in a lot of strange places sometimes, one of those places is the famous community of Reddit, where posting a question sometimes leads into an epic conversation.... Read More

Don’t Get Mad, Get Gladmat!

25 Jul 2013

Believe it or not, the Gladmat Festival in Norway has nothing to do with trashbags. It’s actually a foodie’s dream destination, hosting scores of comfort foods and little-known delicacies to delight the... Read More

Overhead Storage Wars - "You people loaded your bags wrong!"

23 Jul 2013

FlyersTalk user MissJoeyDFW relays an incredible story about a couple that refused to have their bags checked and proceed to try and pull other people's bags out to make way for their own.... Read More

Experiencing Wars of the World

20 Jul 2013

What better way is there to learn about history other than blowing stuff up? We all love a good explosion, and they’re even more gratifying when you get to cause the mushroom cloud yourself.... Read More

A Beer Lover’s Haven

17 Jul 2013

One might think there could be nothing attractive about a tiny town of less than 80,000 people in the mountains of Oregon, and yet the city of Bend makes a perfect destination spot for the active outdoorsy... Read More

Road-tripping: Lighthouses and Shipwrecks

16 Jul 2013

The classic American road trip isn't a thing of the past. From Lighthouses to shipwrecks, we promise all you need is a ride.... Read More

Fantasy Hotel Destination: Spanish Castle

14 Jul 2013

The island of Mallorca catapults you right into a Grimm’s Fairy Tale with this exquisite vacation destination: a 19th century castle that has been renovated into a modern hotel.... Read More

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